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Introducing the fastest Mobile 3D Dental Imaging Services in your neighborhood!

The most advanced imaging technology that offers superior 3D dental imaging with the new state-of-the-art CBCT scanner.

Don’t miss your chance to stand out

You can offer the best-in-class patient care with the intuitive dental imaging technology in your practice. The CBCT Scanner by DDS SCAN is an all-in-one scanner that incorporates the latest dental Cone Beam CT technology to help your practice stand out.

Our service offers

Same day 3D imaging

Treatment Planning

Guides and Stents

Radiology Report

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Your challenge

How to avail CT Scans without purchasing expensive equipment?

For superior diagnostics, you need to adapt to the state-of-the-art imaging dental technology. So, you must be looking for quick and efficient dental imaging equipment without the high-cost purchasing. As a dental practitioner, you want to offer exceptional treatments while keeping your patients in-house.

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Our intelligent solution

Avail affordable and on-demand CT Scans straight at your office!

We are aimed to deliver best-quality Cone Beam Scans in an efficient and cost-effective means. You can access any imaging needs for your practice conveniently from your location. You can take advantage of the mobile 3D CBCT Scan for smooth-running of your workflow to scan, diagnose, plan, and treat.

Smart Features Offered


Comes to location of your choice.


We offer competitive pricing.


HIPAA compliant secure server.


Print, CD, & cloud accessible.


Offers fast response time.


Painless and quick scan time.


Usage of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to generate high-resolution images with minimum exposure to radiation.


Simplant conversion center; masking; supporting surgical guide production with several laboratories; Free Dicom viewing software available online; Anatomage, TMJ analysis; surgical planning and navigation - optional.