Paperless Forms & Charting

Paperless Charting & Patient Check-In/Out Kiosk

Your office is a busy practice, with our paperless charting and patient in/out kiosk, you cannot only save time and money but remove the hassle of printing, scanning, and shredding paper. While streamlining check-in/out with minimal involvement of your front desk.
Eliminate Paper Forms

Reduce the risk of front office HIPAA violations by eliminating the use of patients forms.

Build Patient Confidence

Cutting-edge iPad technology enhances the patient’s experience and trust.

Reduce Costs

Use less paper, ink, and time using mConsent software.

Reduce the risk of HIPAA Violations by going paperless

When you use our mConsent software, your consent forms are transformed into iPad software that allows you to give your patients a state-of-the-art experience without requiring you to change your processes.

Our software will be branded and customized for your practice in order to enhance the patient experience. Contact us today for more information or to Request more info for your practice.

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